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What is a Sidekick Home?

Sidekicks are Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) - in other words a second living unit complete with kitchen and bath. Other names for a Sidekick Home (or an ADU) include Secondary homes or living units (California) Granny Flat, Carriage House, In-law suite, Guesthouse, Casita (Southwest US), Cabanas (Florida), and more. Most communities require that such a living unit be accessory to the primary single family home. It may be included as part of the primary structure, attached to or detached from the home.

Why would I build a Sidekick Home?

The primary reasons to build a Sidekick Home:

1.)  Provide a place where an aging parent can live independently, but close at hand
3.)  Provide long-term private living space for caregivers
3.)  Accommodate a family member with special needs that wants to live independently.
The key factors that make Sidekick Homes truly unique are their size, universal design (UD), accessible features, and sustainable design.  These homes provide a caring solution for families that are complimentary to their lifestyles, existing homes and neighborhoods.

I’ve used the Home Selection Wizard feature and created one I like. What’s the next step?

After you’ve selected a home using our Home Selection Wizard, we will verify that your design complies with local zoning regulations controlling size, height, and number of bedrooms (final compliance may require additional technical information on your property and possible review by city officials). The next step is to fill out the request for proposal form to receive a full cost estimate based on your design. There is no charge for this service, and our Sidekick Builder will provide a professional estimate as soon as possible. If you desire to move forward at that point, a Sidekick representative and our Builder will meet with you in-person at your location to flesh out the details and set a construction schedule.

Does my city or community permit a secondary residence or ADU?

We can find this information for you if your site is located within a large city or county, but to be absolutely certain, Local Zoning officials can best answer this question for you.

How big can an ADU be?

The size is usually regulated by the zoning code of your city. Commonly used minimum and maximum ranges are from approximately 200 square feet to 1000 square feet. Some cities limit the size of an ADU to a percentage of the floor space of the primary home (40% is fairly common), or by regulating the size by requiring a minimum area of open space on your lot. Contact us and we can help determine what may work for you.

Who do I contract with to build my Sidekick?

Sidekick Homes is a service firm that partners with local builders in various locations to construct our home designs. All of our Sidekick Builders have extensive experience as residential contractors, and are certified in both Green construction and Universal Design. Once you decide to move forward with building a Sidekick you will contract with our Builder Partner directly. We will monitor the progress and your satisfaction during and after completion of your new Sidekick Home.

How much does a Sidekick Home cost?

Our Sidekick models pricing ranges from $50,000 to $150,000 for the structure itself, plus the cost of foundation/basement, utilities, and site work.

Can I sell my ADU?

Most cities that have adopted ordinances allowing Accessory or secondary homes will not permit the sale of either the ADU or the primary home separately from the other. Many communities require the owner of a property to live in either the ADU or the house. Rental of one of the two homes is usually permitted

How long will it take to have our Sidekick Home completed?

Barring extreme circumstances, we estimate that we can deliver your home in less than six months from your order date.

Can I buy the plans for a Sidekick and build it myself?

Yes you can buy the plans to build one house only. We will add credit card payment soon but for now we must do it with a check thru the mail. our designs are copyright protected and cannot be re-used on another address.

Can I request changes to a Sidekick plan?

Minor changes can be made without a loss of time or efficiency. If you desire more extensive revisions we will ask our designers to redesign the home. This custom process requires a bit more time and we request a small fee for this additional design work.

Can a Sidekick be built as a stand-alone single family home on a lot?

Yes, as long as the zoning permits single-family homes, there are no minimum sizes regulated by the municipality or private covenants, and your property is buildable with city utility services, etc. All Sidekicks are complete homes.

I noticed that most of the Sidekick plans have only one bedroom or are one-room studio type living spaces. Can any of the models be modified to provide more bedrooms?

Yes, many can be modified to do just that, but you should be aware that most city ADU ordinances limit the number of bedrooms and the number of occupants in an accessory dwelling unit.

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